Orbiting Exoplanet HD7255019b

A space horror story. Pilotless, drifting around HD7255019b on the edges of the Veil Nebula. The alarms drone. A lone organism stalks the ships corridors. The main objective of this project was to create one of the those sterile but grungy-white, blinking sci-fi spaceship rooms and to use normals as much as possible in the … Read More

The Android’s Butterfly Pal

To make a sci-f- desert scene landscape with looming mothership orbiting in space. All around sandstorms blow, an android strolls beside a structure as the butterfly from this project floats along behind her. Software used: Unity Maya Quixel Suite Kitbash3D assets

Deep In The Baboon Grove

Another project with beginnings in photogrammetry. Take a real animal skull and turn it into the hero object for a misty forest scene. The bones are nestled in moss next to a fallen tree. Amidst the growth of fungi are glowing pink eggs scattered around and inside the skull. The shadow of a ten foot … Read More

Neon Waterfall, Fur Monster and Friends

It started with a waterfall. Originally a daytime scene but the rainbow glow was made extra magical as a moonlit night scene. This would be a hidden lake with the ruins of some ancient civilization. For the environment design I started with the sculpting tools directly in Unity’s terrain element, creating the lake basin surrounded … Read More

Haunted Bayou

Along the banks of a sweltering bayou sits an empty mansion. The building modeled in Maya. Everything was assembled in Unity where the Enviro plugin was used for dynamic light and sky. The tree generation tool in Unity was used to make something that looked like Spanish moss and draped on trees, the house, everywhere. … Read More

In Between Blasts

To build a post-apocalyptic scene with a lone explorer and a big blast. Using Kitbash3D wasteland assets for the buildings and Megascans for rubble and debris. Software used: Unity Maya Quixel Suite Kitbash3D assets Megascans assets

Martian Crash Site

Scrambling the ridge, away from the smoldering wreckage only to catch the shimmer of approaching craft. Who’s the alien here? The martian environment was created procedurally using WorldMachine. The doomed space fighter was rapidly modeled in VR using Oculus Medium. Everything was assembled in Unity. Software used: WorldMachine Oculus Medium Unity Maya Photoshop

SF After Dark

The multi-dimensional version of so many of my paintings was the first likely place to start with my first big 3D project. A night scene in San Francisco, a chunk of a neighborhood for my urban astronaut to explore. Part architectural effort, world building, character animation, and VR exploration. The house was the first thing … Read More

Buddha Lagoon

This started as a photogrammetry project, to scan a small Buddha statue guarding my studio.  It would become a monolith, a giant edifice that could have taken hundreds of years to carve. Overlooking a sweltering lagoon, the jungle creeps. The physical statue made digital with Agisoft Photoscan (now Metashape). The landscape began as a height … Read More

Hell Hole

With a determined gait, our intrepid traveller approaches the steaming entrance to someplace purely loathsome. This project was started in WorldMachine, inspired by the still smoldering Darvaza gas crater in Turkmenistan. The landscape was brought into Unity where particle effects were used to create the steam. Much experimentation was done with lighting and post-processing.   … Read More