Martian Crash Site

Scrambling from the smoking wreckage down the rocks only to catch the shimmer of approaching drones, they were on it as soon as the smoke started to rise and another change of course is needed.       Created with WorldMachine, Oculus Medium, Maya, Unity

San Francisco At Night

The multi-dimensional version of so many of my paintings. The first major project undertook at the start of my 3D journey. Part architectural effort, environment building, character animation, and VR exploration. A massive learning experience, to be used in the animated story of the Li’l Dreamer.  

Buddha Island

  This began as a photogrammetry project, a scan of the nine inch tall Buddha statue near my desk. The landscape began as a height map generated from real world terrain data around the north coast of Vietnam. The project continues with the fishing village around the base of the monolith, the island cafe and … Read More

Hell Hole

With a determined gait, our intrepid traveller approaches the steaming entrance to someplace purely loathsome.   Created with WorldMachine, Maya and Unity