After much observation and debate over the past month I’ve taken the plunge and minted my first NFT @withfoundation

I’m excited for the burgeoning appreciation, marketplaces and value placed on digital creations. The software is demanding to learn and products of creative labor using those tools should be rewarded like any other medium. But blockchain is a conundrum, yes. So I feel strongly anything I mint should actually be unique. My physical paintings are as non fungible as you can get, also immune to power failures and password losses. I won’t be uploading static images of existing work. Prints are and will be available.

Without further ado, ‘In Harmony With The Hum Of The City’ the animation is now a 1/1 edition NFT up now for auction @withfoundation (1 ETH reserve) Fresh 3D creations are on the way but this felt like a good first. Made as as an AR addition to a self portrait painting (acrylic on canvas 16”x24”) for the group show “Self-ish” @moderneden in June 2019.

Like many of my characters I sit in the lotus position in a space helmet and dress suit, floating over rooftops looking out at downtown San Francisco at night. The animation carries the story away as birds scatter and a UFO comes to lift me up with a green plasma beam and abscond to space. The painting itself is about my love of the city, the duality of feeding off the chaotic energy while also needing quiet respite.

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