“As The Smoke Clears”

acrylic on canvas


I was honored to be invited to create something new for the group show “Tales of the City” that accompanies Monty Guy’s wonderful new solo exhibition “Fallen Angels” at Modern Eden Gallery. Both shows open Saturday December 16th – 801 Greenwich St. SF, CA 94133


San Francisco is a city that has historically inspired creatives and artists and has been a haven for free-thinkers. The current environment of rapid development and culture shifts have changed the way we are able to live, work, and survive, particularly in the creative community. We invited artists with a connection toSan Francisco to create a work inspired by The City by the Bay. Whether it’s a love story or one of more heartbreak or struggle, we wanted to hear the voices that make up the City, past and present.

Featuring: Robert Bowen, Amandalynn, Doug Rhodes, Steve Javiel, Brett Crawford, Kim Huynh, Joshua Lawyer, Ransom & Mitchell, Mary Syring, MJ Lindo, Adam Caldwell, Amy Ahlstrom, Mel Alves, Leon Loucheur, Abel Manalo, Michael Cuffe, Elizabeth Ashcroft, Gillian Keller, Alec Huxley, Matt Hunter, Max Ehrman, Spencer Davie, Dianne Hoffman & Paul Madonna.

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