This started as a photogrammetry project, to scan a small Buddha statue guarding my studio.  It would become a monolith, a giant edifice that could have taken hundreds of years to carve. Overlooking a sweltering lagoon, the jungle creeps.

The physical statue made digital with Agisoft Photoscan (now Metashape).

The landscape began as a height map generated from real world terrain data sourced through from trolling around the coastal region of north Vietnam.

A boat bobbing around near the shore was another physical object scanned, this time a clay sculpture. Barrels and a fishing net are scattered on the deck, a lantern on its bow.

All of this was brought into Unity where the landscape was flooded and vegetated. The Aqas plugin was used for water, Enviro plugin for the dynamic sky. I used a bird model and some hacky animation to make some seasgulls flocking. An abandoned shack and pier plus some sinking boats populate the main island.

The project continues with the addition of a fishing village around the base of the statue

A cafe on the island and a cosmic tourist.

plus the story of the monkey on the boat…

Software used:

Agisoft Photoscan



Quixel Suite


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