Irene is getting the fam back together this Friday at Palatte Gallery.

“Rumble In the Jungle”

acrylic on canvas

24″ x 24″


A Collaboration between Wonderland SF and 111 Minna Gallery at Palette Gallery

Featuring: works by:
Alberto Ybarra
Alec Huxley
Amanda Lynn
Brandon Hurley
Bud Snow
Calvin Lai
Chris W. Stokes
Darylll Peirce
David Young
Dominic Fontana
Doug Rhodes
Elodie Boucher
Eric Joyner
Felicia Ann
Haoyun Erin Zhao
Jeffrey Nemenzo
John Wentz
Josh Thurman
Joshua Lawyer
Kenneth Malone
Leon Loucheur
Lindsey Millikan
Luciano Roque
Math PTV
Michael Murphy
Nick Fkatt
Olympia Altimir
Raul Dā€™ Mauries
Rachel Wolfe-Goldsmith
Russell Ryan
Safi Kolozsvari
Serge Gay Jr.
Steve Javiel
Ursula Xanthe Young

Opening reception
Where: Palette Gallery
(816 Folsom Street, SF CA 94107)
When: Friday October 25, 2019

For more details go to:

Exhibit runs from October 25, 2019 ā€“ November 30, 2019
Gallery Hours:
Tuesday – Thursday, 12pm-9pm
Friday, 12pm-10pm
Saturday, 5pm-10pm

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