111 Minna Gallery is pleased to present their latest project, ‘POOLSIDE’ featuring the works of over 60 prolific Bay Area artists.

Poolside’ will be a summertime/fun time full gallery extension of our widely popular ‘Sketch Tuesday’ event. ’Sketch Tuesday’ is a live drawing event where artists create work on an affordable smaller scale for the public to appreciate and purchase. ‘Poolside’ will be a full exhibition of already finished works featuring many of our regular ‘Sketch Tuesday’ participants and 111 Minna Gallery artists featuring nearly two hundred pieces created on a smaller scale (Sketch Tuesday size) that will be affordable to the public.

Just as our ‘Sketch Tuesday’ events feature professional artists of all media and career levels mixed with artists pursuing different professional trades (but still avid artists). ‘Poolside’ will also provide the same community based atmosphere for all to enjoy!.

To fit the summertime aesthetic many of the artists will be creating their works to fit our ‘Weekend At Bernie’s’ style event, including Chris and Misia Farris. This unique father/daughter combo will be painting a large-scale collaborative mural on Minna’s Zappa stage wall!

To add to the festivities summertime style outdoor BBQ food (with vegetarian options) will be served by Chef Theran of Honey Browns. For dessert, tasty vegan baked pastries and assorted sweets will be provided by Lyndsay H. Pullem of LH Bakeshop.

So get on down to 111 Minna on Friday, July 14th to check out some great art, listen to some, intermingle with the community, support amazing local food vendors and take a dip in our kiddie pool; one of several poolside props included in our opening night event!!!!



Music by DJ Danny Gloverrr aka Joshua Rampage

Opening Reception Friday 7/14/23 from 5:00 PM – 10:00 P M

“Starry Daze”

acrylic on panel



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