I’m very proud that my latest solo show of paintings “Parallel Projections” is now on display at Luna Rienne Gallery in San Francisco. Thanks to everyone who came out to support the opening! The show will be on display until April 24th.

Luna Rienne Gallery

3318 22nd Street

San Francisco, CA 94110


It’s the middle of the night and the ground in San Francisco begins to shake…but it’s not tectonic. From the shadows of The City’s famous landmarks the terror of uncontrollable consequences begins to rage. Goliath monsters made of hacked together toy parts and animal bones burst from covert experimentation chambers as the caretakers of these ridiculous experiments flee for their lives. Teams of men in hazmat suits scatter from these freak dens as nostalgic horror spills into the sleepy city streets. What is happening? Who thought to attempt these operations? Can they be stopped and what will be left of The City at dawn?

These paintings continue a story line that started as a photography project. “Liminal Playthings” spotlighted the forgotten toys, analog throwaways in a digital era patching themselves together to extend their relevance as they commune in the industrial corners of Seattle. As paintings “Mutantly Assured Destruction” introduced the yellow clad men with gas masks running from these now giants in San Francisco as way to symbolize the ludicrous projects people embark on with sparse thought to potential consequences – especially as we begin to seriously grapple with artificial intelligence, genetic engineering and as our technological innovation continues to impact the environment.

And at once, a parallel projection. A yearning to strip away context and isolate the figures. Brighten and quiet the mind. The binary spaceman and spacewoman – dressed for an affair, prepared for the stars. Floating in a void, segmented by colors or trapped in the tesseract – cosmic geometry drifts into the Neon Afterlife.

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