‘La Casa Cosmica’ was painted for the 6 Year Anniversary show Simply Frida at Wonderland in San Francisco. All works we’re naturally tributes to Frida Kahlo and I wanted combine the look of atomic era “propaganda” art with a space background and morphing Frida’s iconic hair flowers into a bloom of nebulas. Opens July 16th

1266 Valencia street
San Francisco, CA 94110





‘Ghosts Of The Lonely Plains’ and ‘Last Flicker Of The Lamplighters’ were both done for the Scott Listfield and Friends II: Vestiges at Gauntlet Gallery in San Francisco. They both began as thoughts about just two magnificent species, currently at dwindling numbers, that were thriving so recently.


And ‘Monkey Squall’ was completed for Briny Deep at Mom & Pop Art Shop in Richmond, California. Nothing more nautical that a ship full of monkeys!

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