This Saturday, June 2, 6-9PM @ Luna Rienne Gallery

Affordable Art Series 6 opens featuring 10 x 10 in. pieces by 18 urban contemporary artists, many of whom are based in the Bay Area, and is a thorough introduction to the flourishing local art community, offering avid collectors and interested newbies a peek at the current mindset in urban culture. Participating artists include:

Adia Millett
Alec Huxley
Alice Weise
Chris Stokes
Damon Soule
Daniel Chen
Fernando Reyes
Heather Robinson
Ivy Jacobsen
JL King
Joshua Coffy
Joshua Lawyer
Mj Lindo
Robert Bowen
Sarah Coleman
Sparkles Positron
Ursula Xanthe Young

Showing through July 9, 2018

‘Nocturnal Encounters V’

acrylic on canvas



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