Hurry put on this helmet, grab my hand, up to the roof. We’ll jump over these power lines, trust me we won’t fall!

Everyone’s asleep down there, let’s go explore.

A decade after my first show there I’m very excited to be back for my fourth major exhibition at San Francisco’s legendary 111 Minna Gallery. ‘Above it All’ represents the most ambitious body of work in some time, produced all this year with seventeen new paintings in black and white. Space helmeted figures drifting and re-centering against hushed nocturnal scenes in San Francisco and Cambodia.

Opening reception Thursday August 18th

111 Minna Street
San Francisco, CA 94105

Show runs through October 7th


A contrast in urban jungles.

Almost eight thousand miles away, the forest lapping like waves at the edges of Angkor Wat, momentarily reclaimed from the curling roots. Immense angular towers reaching above the canopy, the superhuman smiling stones faces of Bayon, everything encrusted in ornamentation, pictures and stories carved throughout the tunnels and alleyways. A place to reflect under the stars, the complex itself a compressed cosmic metaphor. The essence of this jungle city tied to the west, facing the setting sun.


At home with the canyons of Victorians and streetlights crisscrossing sidewalks and the palm lined monuments erected around San Francisco. Younger than the temples but similarly plastered with stories, ornamented alleyways, central edifices thrusting towards the heavens, and palaces of ideas tucked around galleries, bridges and tunnels.


Color bleeds from the sky and it’s time to let go of the day, suspend disbelief, ignore the fight against gravity and the tides of entropy and find light in the dark.

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